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This blog post i’m sharing today was originally written in list form as a note to myself. As a first time mom, it was so hard to know what I needed or would like. Everything was new to me so I learned as I went. These products are listed in my phone as my “must haves for baby”. They are things I loved, felt we got great use out of and would definitely want again! Take a peek below! I added explanations of each product and why I loved it for you to read! These links are NOT sponsored in any way. I’m just sharing with you what I love and keeping a mental note for baby #2 one day!

Here we go!

Cloud Island Sleepers
These come in sets of 3 and there are many prints available. What I love about them is they have mittens built in and an inverted zipper so that when baby needs a diaper change (especially middle of the night) you zip from the bottom up and only take the legs out so your baby stays covered and warm up top! They are 100% cotton and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. The only thing that would make these better is if they were organic cotton. Which leads me to…

Burt’s Bees Baby Sleepers
You can also get this brand on Amazon and direct from the Burt’s Bees Baby website. I love their prints (especially Christmas!) and they are 100% organic cotton and GOTS certified. They run sales frequently too. The snug fit may seem weird at first if you’ve never worn them… but it became a normal fit for us quickly. Around 12 months this became the only sleeper brand I prefer during this transition into toddlerhood!

Kiinde Bottles
My husband and I are obsessed with the kiinde system. Here’s the thing… no other bottle nipple compares to the kiinde active latch slow nipple. It makes your baby work for the milk just like when they’re breastfeeding. If you are a Mom needing to switch between nursing and bottle feeding… don’t even look at anything else. This is the best product out there. We had absolutely no nipple confusion. It is also great for pumping as you pump right into the pouch and also put the pouch right into the bottle. No transferring between bottle and bags and no spills. Also, there are only 2 bottle parts to wash. When you are tired, this makes cleaning a breeze! You can get a free sample from them and they have a starter kit to get you set up. I order my bags on Amazon… but check with your insurance because at one point mine did cover the bags so they were free!

Spectra S1
As a first time mom, I have nothing to compare this breast pump to but I will tell you that I picked this one based on reviews of how gentle it is. It lives up to that for sure! I’ve never had an issue with pumping or felt uncomfortable or anything and we’ve made it 17 months and counting between breastfeeding and pumping so I think it was a good purchase! It also has a rechargeable battery built in so it’s portable and i’m not stuck needing a plug. This pump was not covered by my insurance but the company I ordered from allowed me to upgrade from the Spectra S2 to the S1 and only pay the difference which was around $40 at the time. It doesn’t hurt to shop around and ask and it was absolutely worth the money to not worry about needing an outlet to pump! I would just charge it at night!

Baby Jogger City Mini
I went through like 5 different strollers before falling in love with this one.
It’s light and comfortable and all around awesome. It folds easily from the seat area with one hand. Definitely recommend and am so happy with this purchase! I have the anniversary edition which is beautiful but it’s unavailable now so I linked the updated version for you! At the time when I bought mine I ordered from Amazon as Target did not have them on display in the store (or maybe they didn’t sell them at the time?) but since then I have seen them on display at Target in South Hills Village Mall which is great so you can try it before buying it!

Jujube Be Right Back Diaper Bag Backpack
I feel like bags are one of those things that people either want to spend money on or want a cheap option. I don’t have a cheap recommendation so if you are looking for that maybe skip this one! I have seen it go on sale though… if you have time maybe keep an eye on it! BUT when I was pregnant a client of mine had this bag and I was so impressed. I had never seen a diaper bag that folds completely open like a suitcase. I did splurge on this item right before our induction date and then packed it for the hospital. It’s been amazing. I love the way it opens. It’s machine washable. It comes with a changing pad. I always feel like I have enough room for everything but yet it never feels heavy. The straps are very comfortable and my husband even enjoys carrying it when needed. Our color is a solid black!

Nuna RAVA™ Convertible Car Seat
We have the color caviar. This car seat is the easiest install ever and it’s free of chemical flame retardants as the material is naturally flame resistant.

Jack Toddler Quilt
One day after baby play class, I walked into Pottery Barn Kids and saw this beautiful quilt on display at the entrance and I knew I needed it. At the time of shopping for baby bedding there wasn’t anything that really stood out to me so I just picked something. When I saw this though, I fell in love and knew it was what I wanted so I bought it (and resold the other one on Facebook marketplace). I love the design so much but I also love that the material is organic cotton and linen as these are great, healthy materials!

Organic Watercolor Whale Fitted Crib Sheet
GOTS certified. I am a sucker for watercolor. I think it’s just so pretty. This matched the quilt and the colors and material are perfect.

I feel like every baby needs a Sophie to teeth on!! They love learning to grip onto her too!

Wildbird Ring Sling
I loved carrying my baby! There are different fabrics so I recommend talking with someone before buying if you’ve never used one to make sure you get the right type for you! You can always message me and I can help you too! I’ve tried other carriers and types. I like a bunch of them… this one is my favorite brand and style if I had to pick just one!

Swaddle Blanket
I loved the print on this and it’s the largest swaddle blanket we own. I liked the extra length!

Stroller Blanket
If I had to pick 1 blanket, this would be my favorite! (other than the sweet handmade ones!) I like the material and size the best! The print options are so pretty if you have a girl! We have a boy so I have a grey and white star one that someone from my husband’s work gifted us!

Alright, that’s a wrap!

While there are so many baby products we used over the 1st year of my son’s life… I found that I needed so much less than I thought. This isn’t everything we owned or used but these are the products that really stood out to me as must haves that I would want again for another baby!

I hope you enjoyed this post!!

With joy-
Shaye Kennedy

Shaye Kennedy is a professional photographer in Pittsburgh, PA focusing on the love and connection between mom and baby! Please email for information on booking your maternity, newborn, baby, or family photo session!

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